Downton Abbey – Christmas Special 2013

Downton Abbey : Christmas Special 2013

Downton Abbey – Christmas Special 2013 was great! A lot of hints on what’s to come in Season five. In a nutshell: Ivy might be going to America, Lady Edith may have reduced screen-time if at all, Mr. Bates got away with murder, Mrs. Baxter found her courage, Mr. Barrow.. well… is being Thomas, and Lady Mary’s men – Lord Gillingham and Mr. Blake, who by the way suddenly and conveniently got filthy rich, continue their “battle” for her hand in marriage. Still loving Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson — “Nothing ‘goes on’ at any house where I’m in authority.” Ha! Really?

The show is slowly easing Ms. Bunting, which I think is a very promising character. And speaking of new characters, Cora’s brother Mr. Harold Levinson, played by Paul Giamatti, to me is a miscast. He looks too modern for the show. He completely ruined the illusion for me in all his scenes. The good thing is, he’s not a main character.

Mrs. Patmore looks a bit pale and less full. I wonder why? Mr. Bates didn’t show up until half-way through the show. All in all, it was a pretty good episode. And most importantly, they didn’t kill any of the main characters.



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