Welcome 2014! Year of the Horse

Goodbye 2013, good riddance! Now, let’s forget about it.

The Chinese New Year is still on January 31, but I start my own on January 1. 2014 is the year of the Horse! (whines)

Before anything else, I just wanna say… I’m stoked at RuPaul’s New Year greeting! Gagging. Literally. It took me two hours to regain my composure. And that’s merely a tweet. Imagine? In person, right?

There will be plenty of work for everybody! ’tis the year to regroup and put ourselves on top priority. This year calls for tact and diplomacy. Your personal prediction will vary depending on your Easter sign. As for myself,… (drum roll)… romantic troubles. Meh… thank goodness I’m single! I plan on traveling more this year.

Hel-lo 2014!


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