RuPaul’s T-Dance – Episode Two

RuPaul’s T-Dance is a pretty neat mini-show. Its like classic MTV meets 80s pop. This second installment features three cool songs (technically four… more on that later) and it pretty much lives up to my description.

It starts of with… a plug – duh… RuPaul’s “Glamazon” fragrance with matching “Glamazon” soundtrack… hence the first song, technically (and btw, according to RuPaul, one of her fragrance’s ingredient is “dignity”…ya).

First song “Convertible” by Amanda Lepore gave me a strong Whitney 80s vibe, ala “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. It didn’t sound like the latter, but that’s the feel I got from it. Perhaps it’s the dancer’s costumes. Can I say “trippy?” Next track is “I’m Feeling Flowers” by DJ Nina Flowers. That’s when the OMG started dropping. I love love love the Latin beat. It brought me back to the “Vogue” showdown on RPDR Season 1. And lastly, “It’s All About The Butterfly” by The Fabulous Pop Tarts. I actually first learned about it from Lucian Piane‘s tweet (not that kinda tweet!). Yep, the OMG snowballed plus goosebumps. This song is awesome! I know the voice-over is a fashion thing… but the images in my head is a fabulous dinner at Downton Abbey… Dowager Countess yapping witty stuff.

Anyway, check it out… and judge. Oh and one more thing, RuPaul is the tallest in the crowd,… even while wearing flats! She must be…like 9 feet tall or something. TALL!


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