Wassup Hastings-Sunrise, Vancouver 2014 – Part 2

Brace yourselves… the library is open…

Part 2

  • Starbucks – on Kaslo and Hastings, service is poor. Baristas are a bit snobbish, and are more keen on entertaining the drive-thru only. They tend to miss on drinks too. Why’s that? Long waits even when it’s not busy. Only one condiments area and in a tight spot. Poor layout. Crowd seems to be more desirable. Rate: ☆☆
  • Roundel Cafe – is a very hippie-ish, organic kinda restaurant. They make their own ketchup. And use jars for glasses. Okay, let that sink in. Food was so-so. Service was nice. Wobbly seating. :D I notice these things. You gotta be into this kind of “stuff” to really appreciate it. Rate: ☆☆
  • Le Pho – is a very new Vietnamese restaurant. Food and service needs a lot of improvement. Missing some of the basic things you expect in restaurant, e.g. tasty food & proper courtesy. Great location though. Rate: ☆☆
  • Tentatsu Sushi – good food, big portions, and consistently bad service. Place tends to be loud, and the annoying kind. Sticky floor. Staff comes across as rude. Orders take forever to get served with no explanation or heads up. Rate: ☆
  • The Brighton – is a very nice stylish new bar. Very nice menu selection. Standard drinks. Service was awful though – “We Don’t Allow Take-outs!”…why not put that on your menu?! Jeez lady, the attitude! Unfriendly and cold. As a non-white person, I felt very unwelcomed there. It was very awkward and strange. Rate: ☆
  • East Cafe – TBD. But the staff was friendly.

Establishments with three or more ☆s are worth checking out. The rest, well… if you feel daring. Goodluck!


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