Vancouver Goes Nuts For Willam’s Annie

First, this post’s title isn’t dirty. Second, this was her first performance on “RuPaul’s Drag Race – Battle of The Seasons” before she and Michelle Visage answered questions posted on Twitter. Third, the show just got started so people weren’t really as drunk as one might think (ok, maybe not). Fourth, this was shot using a plain Canon pocket camera, the footage quality sucks but I hate carrying bulky SLRs. So there you have it!

Anyway, it was hysterical and entertaining. You have to be there to really appreciate it. The energy and warmth from the audience (I’m not sucking up or patronizing, btw, so excuse me!) was uhmazing. I felt it, everybody in the theatre felt it (I felt something) … and… I temporarily got deaf and mute as a result.

All I can say is… just like the footage… Willam is raw and fierce! I do sound defensive, don’t I? lol … anyway… go attend the event.


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