Downton Abbey Last Night

In a nutshell, Downton is slowly crawling out from the depths of the abyss. That is, with the help of a few good people.

Lady Mary, with the help of the Dowager Countess and Branson, is starting to get her claws back. She’s keen on taking over Matthew’s place as the guardian of the estate, despite the objection of Lord Grantham. Mr. Carson finally mended fences with Mr. Charles Grigg, with the help of Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Crawley. “It’s an open wound. I don’t know why but I do know this, you’d do better to stitch it up and let it heal.” Mrs. Hughes advised Mr. Carson. I find it strange that the servants are pressing in on their masters to do something, even though they’re about doing good deeds.

Of course, what’s Downton without the drama and the humor. Lady Rose, along with Jimmy, cavorted at a local club and being mischievous. With Anna’s help, she convinced a local lad that she’s a Lady’s Maid. She managed to bribe Jimmy’s silence about the matter by saying “Say nothing and I’ll be your friend forever.”

And yet again, the Dowager Countess do what she does best, fix her family. In this case Lady Mary, giving her something to do. Soliciting the help of Mr. Branson to show her the ropes in managing the estate.

And so the witch has found a new apprentice. And from the looks of it, no training needed. I’m talking about Mr. Barrow taking in Evil Edna under his… or should I say, her, wings.

Lastly, Lady Edith finally found her man. Though sadly, not an ideal situation. She never seem to get a break. Poor unfortunate soul. She’s like Meg in Family Guy. lol


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