Downton Abbey Series 4 Episode 3

Downton Abbey is finally starting to show some life. A famous singer was invited to sing at Downton in a private concert. Lord Grantham and Mr. Carson were against letting the singer dine with the family. The Countess, outraged after learning, told Lord Grantham “You will have her next to you at dinner, and you will like it!”

Lord Grantham lost a lot of money in a card game, whom Mr. Michael Gregson, Lady Edith’s boyfriend, won back.

Lady Mary is finally warming up to Lord Gillingham. Offered comforting words “You’ve known of great love. Doesn’t that enrich any life?” says Lord Gillingham. Don’t get me started. However, this episode is really about one thing … Anna’s rape by Mr. Green. They didn’t show the actual act, but her screams echoing though the dimly lit attic hallway was just as chilling.

Off topic, I’m still disappointed to find out that Downton has copied a lot of the plots, and details, from “Upstairs, Downtairs” (1971). Like they say, if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.


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