The Glamazon Project

The Glamazon Project
If you don’t love your drag, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

OutTV/Jan 23 – OUTtv celebrates the new season of Drag Race w/ THE GLAMAZON PROJECT! Tell us what doing drag means to you!

Squirrel friends, submit a photo of yourself and your alter ego and tell us what doing drag means to you. Your pictures may be selected to be featured on the Glamazon Project page and maybe on OUTtv!

Amazing transformations… dude to queen.

I see the fabulous Raye Sunshine, where are the rest of the Vancouver queens?

Submit your transform…

[ Update 2014-01-25 ]

Belinda Bangko … utterly surprised!

Ivana Phoque

Sienna Blaze

Foxy De-Rossi

Gouda Gabor (Victoria, BC)

David Allison … simply beautiful out of drag, but wearing heels would just be a bit silly. ^_^

Fuchsia Star


Beatrix Dixie … amazing look, both in and out of drag.

Check out the rest at The Glamazon Project by OutTV

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