How much is a herd of goats in 1920 worth now?

When I watch period drama shows like “Upstairs, Downstairs” or “Downton Abbey” I notice they often mention sums of money. I don’t quite get why they’re so excited when they receive small amounts of money. Remember “Austin Powers”? Dr. Evil, “… we hold the world ransom for… one million dollars!” lol

In this particular instance it’s Rose Buck’s fortune of £1,200 she received from Gregory Wilmot, her Australian fiancee who was killed in the war. After much Googling, I found out its present value (2014) is approximately £200,000. Now I can understand better the magnitude of her misfortune from bad investment.

I thought, that was amazing. And I wonder, what if its livestock… in the 1920s? Goats are common. So, how much is a herd of goats in 1920s worth now? LOL. Assuming, one herd of goats mean the total number of goats in a farm in the US in 1920.

Guess what? I found a 1920 US census! In that year, there were a total of 107,287 farms who reported their livestock inventory. That’s about 3,458,925 goats. Each goat at that time was worth $5.08. With each farm having an average of 32 goats. Therefore a herd then was worth $163.576 (1920) or $2,016.99 in 2014.

I previously mentioned $1,997.56… since I assumed a herd was actually worth $162, because perhaps, one of it might die or get killed by predators. LOL… ya know, just to be realistic.

Ok, I’m having a headache.

Reference: 14th US Census 1920, Inflation Calculator


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