What Online Privacy?

Online privacy is really proving to be nothing more than a big ass farce. In one hand you have these social networking sites luring users to use their service with false pretenses of “privacy”, siphons personal information, share across products and affiliates (arguing that it “helps improve service” boloney) exploiting personal information for profit – often times without user’s consent! Then here comes the government, the very institution consumers rely on protecting their interest (LOL), is finding ways to exploit the information! Apparently, the NSA’s snooping fiasco isn’t enough. Why not just embed each human with a microchip brain reader and be done with it!

(AP Jesse j. Holland / 01/28/2014) Technology companies and privacy advocates are praising a new government compromise that will allow the Internet’s leading companies to disclose more information about how often they are ordered to turn over customer information to the government in national security investigations.

The Justice Department on Monday reached agreements with Google Inc., Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc., Facebook Inc. and LinkedIn Corp. that would allow them to disclose data on national security orders the companies have received under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. (Source)

What’s troubling is technology companies already have the ability to track user behavior and habits via smartphone (GPS, Location service, etc.), then you have Google Plus, and Gmail, (smartphone apps in general) … well, that’s pretty much your life history owned by one huge company. Then you have this government, salivating on your data like a hungry wolf! What’s worse is, people (especially the younger generation, i.e. Generation Y) don’t even realize it or are too ignorant to even care!

People are so caught up with getting attention in social media, completely unaware of the repercussions of their actions. Perhaps the attention is warranted for people (or institutions) who rely on public exposure for income, but the common person?

Whatever happened to Civil Liberties? … eroded… dismantled… piece by piece. All the spilled blood … all the sacrifices made by trailblazers… all that … are for nothing!

What one ought to do? Believe it or not, it starts with you – the individual. Control what information you put out, only publish information you wouldn’t care if the public knows, limit the number of social networking sites you use, and if you can manage … host your own content! And lastly, don’t trust social networking site privacy agreement – they’ll change it anyway, i.e. Facebook Timeline, Google+, etc. Boycott ‘em bastards. ;)


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