The House of Eliott – Series One

After two weeks, I finally finished watching “The House of Eliott” first series. I’m quite impressed with the writing, characters, and flow of the whole story.  It’s a story about two sisters who made it despite all the odds. Even though they were born to a rich family, their tyrannical father, a widower, left them with practically nothing after his sudden death.

It’s refreshing to find shows like this, shows that rely on richness of story telling instead of smut, special effects, or following people around doing stupid things. I never thought a show revolving around dressmaking can be this thrilling. The subplots were very interesting, and the whole show never strayed too far away from the main story. Production was pretty grand. It didn’t feel like a soap opera set at all. All the characters where very interesting; you’ll hate the villains, you’ll like protagonists. They took just the right amount of time in telling the sisters’ back story.

The show was created by Eileen Atkins and Jean Marsh (Rose Buck – Upstairs, Downstairs). Series first aired in 1991. I think by summer I will have mastered time travel. LOL.

With so much junk on television and movies lately, I’ll continue to watch old shows … where quality is still the priority. I’ll watch silent movies if I have to … oh, and speaking of… I thought “Metropolis” (1927) is so awesome.. I bought the special blu-ray edition.


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