Alyssa Edwards’ “Beyond Belief” … The Library Is Open

On a very special edition of “Alyssa Edwards’ Secret”, Ms. Edwards pitch a reality show entitled “Beyond Belief,” set in her studio in Texas named Beyond Belief. In her intro, she opened the library … to solicit comments about her idea. So, no T no Shade… here goes.

Her Alyssa-isms are hilarious… “burn the building down with the look” lmao! Oh yes, I was burnt when I first meet her. I still have the emotional scars to prove it! Uhmhmmm. Fierce!

Here’s the thing (grinding claws)… I felt like it’s yet another run-of-the-mill reality show with super-sized twists… just a different flavor. It came across as The Duke of Hazzards / Toddlers & Tiaras / The Simple Life.¬† The dancers, mothers, her family, and herself were a bit too much to focus. Too many characters. Frankly, I’m tired of all the “trash-talk” reality shows bank on to create tension and interest. I miss the good ol’clean fun!

I was surprised¬† the reel was a complete departure from her current webisodes. I thought she’d leverage her work on “Alyssa Edwards’ Secret” and take it to another level. I would love it if Ms. Edwards did something more unique. It doesn’t have to be a reality show. That genre is very saturated. Why not scripted and keep things interesting and funny?

Here’s an idea… why not develop a scripted show (an anthology?) that’s like “Flash Dance Showgirls” meets “I Love Lucy Alyssa Edwards” meets “Desperate Housewives Stars” meets “Will & Grace” meets “GLEE Drag U?” The show can simply be entitled “Alyssa” or something witty, derived from her expressions. The show will chronicle life challenges and situations of a up-and-coming drag star, coincidentally named Alyssa Edwards. She can also use the show as a platform to engage the public on LGBT issues, but it doesn’t have to… Fox News is doing that (cough) (punch). Anyway, each season she’ll try to accomplish a goal, i.e. winning some kind of pageant, or whatever… she won’t necessarily win. It can still be set in a “fictitious” dance school, coincidentally named “Beyond Belief.” It can include subplots about family, friends, work, dance school, nemesis, strangers, … lovers (cough), stalkers, burglars, bosses, etc.

I mean… (pause) (sighs) look, she already has several ideas for episodes… where? Check out her “Alyssa Edwards’ Secret” webisodes! Anyway, check out the reel… it’s a great start! I probably won’t watch it… if it’s just another reality show.

The Library Is Closed!


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