Broken Stilettos

I still don’t get it why Alyssa Edwards decided to create a completely different show when she already started something with “Alyssa Edwards’ Secret.” Is it contract-related to World of Wonder? I can only speculate.

I thought, why not produce a scripted show that centers around the life of a career gurl, a drag queen, let’s call her… I dunno, something fictional…okay, Miss Vivie (*wink*)… and three of her closest pals… kinda like… Showgirls meets Noting Hill meets Will & Grace meets The Office meets The House of Eliott meets The Craft. A comedy / adventure / drama / romance / suspense / murder mystery / Thriller show set in the 1980s fictional city of Austin. The show follows her career in the entertainment and fashion business. Shot like a Reality TV but purely scripted.

Series 1 – Episodes

  1. Miss Thing – Having worked for five long years on minimum wage at a local cabaret designing costumes and doing make-up for resident stars, Miss Vivie, who dreams of becoming a star, decided enough is enough. She convinced two of her closest friends, Bea and Kyle, to leave the small own of Wala-Wala (lol) and move with her to the fabulous city of Austin to try their luck at stardom. Her only living family, her disapproving and stern aunt Dorothy, a spinster, wasn’t so happy.
  2. Tiny Fish – The trio just arrived in the City of Austin. Aunt Dorothy’s old high school friend, Bruno, agreed to provide accommodation for a month until they are all settled…
  3. Small Pickings -
  4. Serving Fish -
  5. And Then There Where Four - Tom, the burly Englishman.
  6. Broken Stilettos -
  7. Broadway Drive -
  8. Knock, Knock, Knock -
  9. Nerves -
  10. Curtain Call -
  11. She’s Sick -
  12. The Englishman – the three friends from Wala-wala split.

Series 2 – Episodes

  1. Homecoming - Aunt Dorothy dies.
  2. The Emporium – Miss Vivie is offered a lead role. Of course, not everyone is happy.
  3. Equality -
  4. It’s Showtime – Miss Vivie falls.
  5. Big Ben -
  6. Tragedy – Kyle dies in a dubious accident. Friends reunited.
  7. The Plan -
  8. Caricature -
  9. The Agent -
  10. Marbles -
  11. The Gig 1 – Viva Las Vegas.
  12. The Gig 2 - Viva Las Vegas.

More later … gotta eat.


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