Microsoft Appoints New CEO

Steve Ballmer is officially out! Good riddance! Enter… Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s third CEO in 38 years. Bill Gates assumes technology advisor role. I’m so happy!

Under Ballmer’s leadership, I thought Microsoft lost its way. It abandoned a lot of proven software development tenets. It ceased to be the de facto in software engineering. It felt like Microsoft was trying too hard to become Apple. Stupid ribbons, radical user interface changes without any practical merit, botched OS, and Internet Explorer is all but destroyed! I cringe… I used to look up to Microsoft for programming best practices. It felt so wrong when a company who singlehandedly set industry standards go against the very principles they preach!

Microsoft needs to get back to basics. Position itself again as an IT leader in providing functional and practical solutions… fix Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer. With Bill Gates as technology advisor… I’m very hopeful Microsoft will find its way again.


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