Feeling Blue? Watch Drag Race

Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. It’s very disheartening to know people who tried to checkout. People you least expect. It’s so sad. These people I really sympathize… not the addicts, smokers, boozers… (pause)… oh, maybe they’re related?

It’s normal to get the blues. But damn, snap out of it! And quick! Get a hobby, start a blog, find a new interest… follow a show, a sport … whatever.. preocupy yourself. If you live up north, like Vancouver, and you don’t have a strong will, better move south. And I don’t mean Seattle, it’s worse. It’s true! I know, it’s easier said than done. Seek help!

I for one am always busy, there’s so much to do at work and home. I suppose it’s a blessing. I try to take time off every three months. And go somewhere… not staycation…  unless it’s summer. Vancouver is awesome during summer.

I feel fortunate to have taken interest on many talented people, fitness gurus, and drag race. They’re positive influences that inspires me to be more creative… and out there. I shy away from people whom I think are “undesirable”… those with negative energy.

I believe my sarcasm is my saving grace. Laughter keeps the blues away. So suck it up! Heck, I’d volunteer to “babysit” if I have to. And for heaven’s sake… don’t do drugs!


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