Restless in Puerto Vallarta

This is my second trip to Puerto Vallarta in five months. Self-guided tour at its best. So much to take in one week. I tried to learn a little bit more Spanish before I embarked on this trip, which proved to be more helpful. But made no difference since the people I ran into this time spoke English so well. I stayed in a hotel in the city center. Everything was walking distance – clubs, shops, restaurants, beach, flea market, … Starbucks. I wondered around the hilly neighborhood and just followed random streets until I hit dead-ends, and found amazing places. The Cultural Center is tucked deep in the east end of the flea market. Adjacent to it is the Gringo Gulch bridge. The view at the top of the bridge is amazing – houses & condominiums sprawling on the hillside towards the mountain top snatching the best ocean view. North-east of the city center is Cruz Blanca, it’s a forty-five minute uphill hike with some slopes as steep as 60°. You can literally hug the ground standing up. I walk passed local folks walking home carrying their groceries, chatting like its no big deal. The view of the whole town from the white cross is breath taking. Finally, I took an hour hike to a beach outlook south of the city center, and hangout on the rocks out in the water. The view and breeze was so calming, I didn’t even felt the 26°C heat.

I’ve learned so much about Mexico’s history on this trip, my take away can be summed up in one person: Frida Kahlo de Rivera.

People were super nice. The tourists I ran into were mostly Canadians… lol… and very friendly (*winks*), food was great, my hotel was clean and quiet (surprisingly), WiFi was everywhere, and the booze was mostly two-for-one… another great experience and points to Mexico.

Next stop… Brazil?


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