“Let’s Turn The Night” feat. The Pit Crew – Extra Saucy

As I’ve said before, “Let’s Turn The Night” featuring The Pit Crew is my favorite track in RuPaul Presents The CoverGurlz. Though it only shows half of the supersized Pit Crew – Jason J. Carter and Miles Davies Moody, it’s still pretty damn saucy. I see the usual marketing plug, a RuPaul trademark? … it works! Well done!

Super Sized Pit Crew

Whew! And I thought Jason got replaced by Mr. Moody. LOL. Lo and behold, there are now four! So we have Shawn, Jason, Miles, and this really hot blonde dude whom I’m having a hard time prying my eyes away from… lol (Update: Simon Sherry-Wood). I’m loving RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six! Officially airs on TV February 24th, on iPhone … today (blah)… but who cares! I’m stoked!

Source: World of Wonder


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