Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar 2014 – Cruella De Vag

Congratulations to Cruella De Vag for winning the title Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar 2014.

Vancouver’s top eight drag queen finalists; Jizzabelle, Raye Sunshine, Valynne Vile, Kitty, Ivana Phoque, Cruella De Vag, Kitty Litur and Delica C competed last night at Celebrities Nightclub for one last time … lashes to nails… to win the much coveted title of Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar 2014 and some fabulous swag.

Cruella De Vag bested the other seven contestants with her incredible solo performance… or miracle of birthing? With a prop bed laid out on stage… she came out in full-term pregnancy, broke her water (literally) and, with the aid of a nurse (her real mother), she delivered a baby … on stage! … well, a puppet version of herself… with wigs to match. Newborn, poking between her legs, and new mom …. broke out in a hilarious duet. Tips raining from the audience, and judge…. it brought. the. house. down! Standing ovation!

The other contestants did their best. There were wardrobe malfunctions, awkward moments, crickets chirping, gasping, sea of stars, a wedding … sorta, tough reading, incoherent Paula-ish judging, swarming photographers … hoard of local queens… all jam-packed in Vancouver’s premier nightclub… what can I say… it was a soap opera at its best! Alyssa Edwards performed two drop-dead-gorgeous numbers. OMG! That’s it, I’m done!

I’m so impressed at how far Vancouver drag queens has improved from last year. The mug were pretty much flawless, outfit were so fabulous and crafty, … so much talent. I would dare say worthy of competing in RuPaul’s Drag Race! I’m not patronizing. I’d say they suck if they suck.

So kudos to everyone! What a night!  Some photo highlights.
[ Update – Performances ]


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