RuPaul’s Drag Race – Scream Queens … Yass!

All I’m saying is… we know this outfit kinda didn’t work before. Take note bitches! Unless of course nobody wants to win the title of Next Drag Superstar anymore…. instead they get on the show with some personal agenda… and winning isn’t… it? (rolls eyes)

“Scream Queens” is the best episode yet. I was ROTFL at the mini challenge. Adore Delano and Milk was hilarious! Adore were giving it 200% LOL. Attitude through the roof! I don’t want to explain it, just watch the damn show!

I like the horror audition main challenge. Joslyn Fox’s … #gasp! and Darienne Lake serving head were very memorable. For the main stage I thought everybody rocked it. Laganja Estranja, Courtney Act, and Bianca Del Rio stood out. Gia Gunn’s tentacles headpiece, Milk’s pinocchio, and Vivacious’ .. I seriously don’t know what to make of it… weren’t as strong.

I like Bianca’s strong personality… albeit “confrontational” going head-to-head with sharp-tongue Gia Gunn… LOL makes for great TV! When the two groups merged and the claws came out, I was like… yes! We have a show! It’s a pity Kelly Mantle and Magnolia Crawford only meet half of the whole cast.

Anyway… great guest judges! Michelle and RuPaul were both serving it with their outfit… great show!



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