R Place Presents March Dragness – Stand-Up Act

For three nights starting every Friday for the whole month of March RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnae headlines R Place Presents March Dragness, along with performances by mainstay drag performers.

Last Saturday, high intensity performers and Drag Race’s bright stars, Alyssa Edwards and Shangela Laquifa Wadley wowed fans in a sold out show. Alyssa Edwards performed three high octane tight lip sync numbers with matching drop dead gorgeous… OUTRAGEOUS outfits. Jump splits, death drops, razor sharp dance precision… gag! It was raining tips… lol. Of course, once Alyssa was handed a microphone… everybody knew it was “Alyssa Edwards’ Secret” time. Some insider Drag Race Season Five taping kiki about her sticking it with the other queens that despite her infamous “back rolls”, as a result of being a McDonald’s fan, and her difficulty squeezing into her costume, she still managed to win a challenge. And so she thanked the audience at R Place for the tips… as it will contribute to her back rolls fund. LOL :) #shade

Not to be outdone… Shangela, who a few months back broke her leg after executing a death drop while doing a gig in New York city – kind of literal huh?, still managed to pull off a couple of intense dance performances … without the death drop :( … and while wearing flats :( . She did a stand-up for her third act. Yes, professional pimp hoe. She’s a very funny queen. Oh, I didn’t know Shangela is British. Yes she is, she said it. LOL She even knows North and South of England. LMAO… I don’t remember exactly what she was talking about with her Southern/British accent… and me being half-piss-drunk and all. (pause) note: I could be writing this essay, subjectively and poorly… based on how I thought the show turned out, but who gives a damn, right? (pause) moving on…

Anyway… mainstay queens were spectacular. Robbie Turner was super, almost stole the show with her impromptu stand-up stall-the-show-while-the-queens-get-ready act (Shangela). Oh she loves to drag (pun intended) a random audience into her act … and it works! La Saveona Hunt and Amora Dior Black did high powered solo dance performances.. and a dance duel. They’re such amazing dancers! Ladie Chablis did a gagging Whitney Houston classic “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, and later came out in a very lavish costume while lip syncing to Donna Summers’ “Let’s Dance.”

I noticed quite a few changes at R Place. For one, I like the new fixed and wider stage. And… the windows are now reinforced. LOL. It was fun to ran into into familiar faces and meet other local Seattle talent … like Atasha Manila.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six contestant Laganja Estranja will headline March Dragness this week. And Drag Race Season Four’s Miss Congeniality, Latrice Royale, will close the March Dragness event the following week.

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