Shade : The Rusical – Impressive

First … congratulations to Lucian Piane and her sister… and to all the contestants. The musical was very entertaining and exciting to watch, even the judges’ reaction was spot on…  with the drama. Yass!

This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, the remaining contestants were split into two groups and were asked to perform in a musical “Shade : The Rusical” … composed by Lucian Piane, and choreography by Denise Piane.

I thought the whole ensemble was pretty good. I didn’t noticed the flaws – but then again, I wasn’t there, if I were I’d be crying my eyes out!  I was drawn to the characters and mesmerized by the fabulous singing … and sing-talking. :) Although I thought Courtney Act, Adore Delano, and Ben Dela Creme stood out when they did their solo. Milk was also pretty good.

It’s just too bad that somebody needs to be eliminated. Trinity K. Bonet and April Carrion’s lip sync was a very good match. Guest judges Lucian Piane and Sheryl Lee Ralph were also pretty good with their critics. Oh, and RuPaul’s outfit was very stunning … and her earrings where very hypnotic.

Drag Race Season 6 is like a freight train packed with glitter going full steam. It’s one fantastic episode after the next. It’s going really strong bitches!

Sadly April Carrion got eliminated, but when you’re in the bottom two for two weeks in a row, unless you show a lot of great improvement… like Raven in Season 2, you’ll go much much further. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen too often. And you can somehow tell, like when a contestant’s energy is going low – like their excitement and energy isn’t there anymore. Bianca Del Rio said it best “She’s over it.” I’m betting, next week.. unless Trinity steps up… she’s next.

Kudos again everyone!


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