Can I have the “other” menu?

I went to this empty Japanese restaurant around noon on Madison Street in downtown Seattle. They have this huge menu posted above the counter listing 25 different options with numbers assigned to each dish. I said “I’ll have #16″, the one with chicken and pork. “No pork today, get #6. Spicy?”… and I’m like, great… why even bother deciding… “Yes, sure.”

Then he goes “You new here?” “Yes, I’m new here.” He said “Next time get #35.” I looked at the menu again to see what #35 is. I got confused because the menu is only up to #25. “Where’s #35?” He then points to the Japanese calendar behind him with a pretty young girl poster… and written underneath in big bold black marker… “#35.” He asked “You get it?” I said “Yes.” then I took my food and left.

I’m not going back there again, because… first… I don’t like being told what to eat. It’s rude. And second… sure #35 is pretty… but I’m not into women!


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