R Place Presents March Dragness – Laganja Estranja

R Place Presents March Dragness is on its final stretch. RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six contestant Laganja Estranja, from the House of Alyssa Edwards, headlined the third week of March for three nights.

I first heard about Miss Estranja when Drag Race fans were buzzing online about rumored season six cast members. I “googled” everybody including her. I watched her performances on Mikey’s WeHo YouTube channel. I was immediately impressed. Her death drops and incredible dance routines… and flexibility :) , along with her fierce backup dancers, gave me the chills.

Autobiography: I simply love high energy power dancers – pop, break dancing, river dance, lol. Truth be told,… I was an avid dancer since grade school up until freshman in university… I breakdance on sidewalks as a kid (lol), choreographed and sh*t. I was never trained formally in dancing but it’s just a thing I love to do… until my dad said “No!” (long pause) well, that’s another Jerry Spring episode… anyway… that’s why I’m a bit bias with drag queens who can dance. :)

I’m also a huge fan of Shangela and Alyssa Edwards, both great entertainers and dancers … whom I’ve watched perform live and have meet in past events. For Miss Estranja to be associated with these power dancers… the support was automatic. It made total sense.

So, back to the show. She doesn’t pad… no problem! Those legs are… everything! They spin like chopper blades. I mean … whoah! She did three high octane performances. She covered the whole stage… back, hidden mirror, go-go platform, deep in the crowd… she was EVERYWHERE! Don’t blink you’ll miss her sitting next to you. It was very tight. I think she was even suspended in mid-air for a long time … if I’m not mistaken. LOL. Perhaps not, but having watch my video footage, I think she kinda did. Drag queens defy gravity. I’ve finally seen live her dance routines,… the ones I was gagging on YouTube. It was awesome.

Of course R Place regular drag performers Ladie Chablis, Robbie Turner, La Saveona Hunt, and Amora Dior Black did back-to-back intense performances that left the audience gagging for more! High power dancers Amora and La Saveona where so impressive. Again, dancers (winks). I simply admire these queens. Not to be outdone, Ladie Chablis did glam and momma drag … her lip sync was so tight the audience couldn’t take it. Then there’s Robbie Turner… (done).

LOL… I’m kidding. Yes, Robbie.. what’s her name again? Kidding! I give props to Seattle folks who can be summoned on stage without warning and go with the act as if they were really part of it. Robbie Turner has this thing about dragging (pun intended) an audience member into her act and turn them into a prop … and it always works! That or she sits on a male audience’s shoulders. Gag!…? Painted for the gods… she’s spot on with her routines and gags. I mean, she HAS to do stand-up comedy. She must! I’m telling you, she gives me cramps every time I watch her perform. Every-effin’. time! I need to start sending her my medical bills. LOL Kidding! I think she’s a little bit of a diva… but I’m cool with that. The shroud works for me. Okay, enough ’bout Robbie … (pause) I don’t wanna inflate her ego even more. lol. Kidding! We love her. Yes. We do.

Big thanks to DJ Flo’w for making all this happen! I’m looking forward to Seattle Pride … I’m thrilled at the Drag Race casts who’ll be joining (top secret) Yass!

Next week! RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Four Miss Congeniality Latrice Mother-effin’ Royale headlines, and will close, March Dragness. I’ve seen her perform before … and it’s something I highly recommend. You’ll be on your feet…. guaranteed! Get your tickets here. Get VIP!


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