Snatch Game – What The Heck Milk?

This season’s Snatch Game is one of the the best so far in six seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s usually awkward to watch, but it can be so much fun when some contestants get their characters right.

I thought Adore Delano’s impression of Anna Nicole Smith was the best. I used to watch The Anna Nicole Smith show, and I thought Adore was spot on. Bianca Del Rio’s impression of Judge Judy was also pretty good. Her look was the closest of the bunch. I’ve seen a few Judge Judy episodes … that woman… she eats first born virgins for snacks. Bianca did Judge Judy justice. :) Ben Dela Creme’s Maggie Smith was so-so. It was not the best for me. She just sounded and looked like some random funny old British woman. I actually thougth she was an older Hyacinth from Keeping Up Appearances. Lastly, Courtney Act’s Fran Drescher impression was pretty good. But she only got one question? Hmmm.

Ben Dela Creme’s runway outfit was pretty good and her Maggie Smith didn’t tank, so I suppose she’s the best choice to win? Fine, but enough about that…. what the heck is up with Milk? I call her drag … busted. It’s busted drag. I’m not sorry about it. It was interesting for the first two episodes, but seriously… really? That’s it? Sharon Needle’s drag is ghoulish… but it’s so polished and amazing to look at. It’s well done and well put together. Milk… well, it’s busted. I like her out of drag though … super cute and great personality … but I wouldn’t spend money to watch a show with a busted queen performing on stage… sorry. I can do that by myself at home and a mirror. So… No. RuPaul’s Drag Race is the Super Bowl of Drag… and what Milk is doing is… (pause) lol… I just had a flashback of Jiggly, Serena, Shangela (Season 2) and Pork Chop. lmao. Never mind… whatever… Milk needs to amp it up or sashay away. Oh and … a compromising person is much more pleasing to deal with than somebody with rigid principles (big ego). I think people can be compromising without losing their identity… just sayin’.

I like all the contestants runway look except for Milk’s. All of them were pretty good, but nothing to gag about. Milk’s RuPaul-as-a-man look was reminiscent of Milan dressed as Janelle Monae. No! No Milk! No! Bad Milk! Bad bad bad! lol :) RuPaul was drop dead gorgeous tonight. Her aesthetics was so amazing…. she glowed.

Anyway, Gia Gunn’s Kim Kardashian did sucked. But I thought Milk should’ve been in the bottom two with her and not Laganja Estranja.  Laganja’s death drops and jump splits were awesome to watch. I’ve seen it live last Saturday! And it’s pretty damn good. She stayed, so I’m cool with the outcome.

Lastly, don’t you just love it when them queens pull out their claws and start ripping each other? :) Bianca has been monopolizing this for a while now. Day of reckoning. Yassss! Fast forward Monday.



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