What’s Up East Village?

Before I let the claws out, to avoid sounding racist … I think I need to set the tone first. I like Mexican food because they’re very savory and I love herbs and spices. However, the only Mexican food I avoid eating are the pasty and mushy stuff – grounded beans, guacamole, etc. Almost always, they mess me up inside. Sauces doesn’t count. So whenever I travel I only order the grilled, fresh, fried, or any other Mexican dish that has no pasty stuff. And this seems to work for me.

Now… I tried this relatively new Mexican restaurant in the East Village in Vancouver called “TACOFINO COMMISSARY.” It’s great that we have one, because Mexican restaurants are hard to come by in a metropolis that’s predominantly Asian. We have more Sushi restaurants here than Japan and China put together (not accurate) LOL. My first impression was it felt like an American joint with a Mexican theme. Like white a folk’s home with some Mexican decor. Tables and chairs were made of huge blocks of recycled solid wood – from a boat. They use jars for drinking glass – typical Vancouver mom-and-pops restaurant,… hippie twist. The lighting looked more modern and industrial than Mexican. But the decors, paintings here and there, were of Mexican theme. The staff and patrons where mainly white folks. I’m not saying that the place should be filled with Latin people, because let’s face it… Vancouver metro has less than 2% Latin population. Mexico is a great vacation destination by the way (especially for Canadians!), if I may say so myself. So all in all, only my left eyebrow raised and then nodded… “okay, I get it. It’s cool. This can work.”

I tried a burrito and Mexican soda called Jarritos. The burrito was huge and tasty. Ingredients came from local produce, which is cool. I didn’t get all the pasty garlicky stuff in it, which is typical of Mexican food, so that was a great relief… but then again it’s not authentic. I wasn’t so keen on the fussy block of wood my burrito and salsa was served on. Sushi restaurants used polished wood for serving food. Being green doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s very sanitary. Sometimes recycled stuff isn’t the best way to do things…. just saying.

The service was very warm and prompt. Nice looking staff didn’t hurt either. The food menu looked simple. There were only a few options so it didn’t took forever to decide. The drinks menu was definitely interesting :) … will try alcoholic drink next time. So for trying to bring Mexican flavor to the neighborhood and for tasting good… I rate this place… A- … highly recommended.

Other places in the East Village with a similar theme worth checking … Red Wagon and Platform 7 Cafe.


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