Soon-To-Be Best Fitness Gadget Yet! Wellness Wristband

IEWEI‘s new Wellness Wristband is by far the coolest gadget I’ve read, at least on paper, for a while. I for one jog up to six times a week, never really like wearing bulky accessories, and I need to check my pulse to get optimum results in my runs…. so this very compact health monitor is perfect! No cellphones allowed while in operation? No problem! I always leave my phone at home when I go jogging. Look at the design… look at it! It is sooo cute.. and modern! Like … Minority Report tech!

On paper this device far outgun the geeky ugly Android watches that’s been circulating the web for sometime now. People don’t use traditional looking watches! We have cellphones! I feel like they’re doing whatever they can to cannibalize the platform. Anyway… I sure want to buy one of this Wellness Wristband as soon as it’s available … they say Spring 2014… their online store is still not ready ….so we’ll see.

iewei, a new wearable device, with some unique features. An “alert system” capable of measuring the wearer’s exposure to harmful radiation, in addition to monitoring heart rate and body temperature.

Electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog)is an emerging health problem in today’s society; a problem that must be monitored. The ieWei Wristband detects harmful radiation levels and alerts the wearer so she can make an informed decision about her body and her environment.

In addition, the wristband can give the wearer realtime information about her heart rate, which can be a key indicator about a person’s stress levels. If the heart rate exceeds a certain level, the device will vibrate a subtle warning. In conjunction with the ieWei app, the solution is one example of how companies are helping consumers monitor their own health and wellness. The device is scheduled to become available in the U.S., Europe, and Asia this spring.

The intersection between health monitoring and wearable devices will be an important reality moving forward. As wearable devices inch closer to mainstream adoption, consumers’ preferences and buying patterns will dictate which types of devices make it big in 2014 and beyond.

Basic Precautions:

- Only use your mobile when absolutely necessary and restrict the call to 6 minutes which is the time the body needs to adjust.

- Do not carry your phone directly on your body, even on stand-by, and do not use it less than one meter away from another person, in order to reduce the effect of ‘passive’ radiation.

- Only use the phone to call when the signal is strong and hold the phone more than 1.5 cm away from your body in order to limit the impact of radiation on yourself. Best is to use a hands-free kit to increase the distance.

- Those under 15 should not use a mobile phone at all because they are still growing.

- Pregnant women should be discouraged from using a mobile phone.

- Do not use it in a confined space. Do not use the phone while you are in a moving vehicle, including the train, bus, etc..

- Turn the cell phone off when not in use, never put your phone under your pillow.

- Make as many phone calls as possible using a cord phone or land-line phone.

Source | Article from PRWeb


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