Drag Race – Oh No She Betta … Step It Up!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 – Oh No She Betta Don’t … was loaded with warnings by RuPaul to the remaining contestants. Step it up girls, or you’ll go home next.

“The Library Is Open”… the mini challenge seemed a little too intense and too personal… well, except for Trinity, who read herself. That was a bit weak.. sorry gurl. It’s a fail. Take no prisoners!… it made Jujubee’s “read you to filth” seem like a nice lullaby. I was surprised that Bianca Del Rio didn’t win the mini challenge, since reading is her forte.

TLC-inspired rap for the main challenge… I’m not really a huge fan of rap, hip-hop, or whatever they call it these days but I thought the rap video was entertaining and funny…. drag queens trying to act “gangsta” duh! Hilarious! The thing that stood out for me was Bianca stuffing cash in her tee… or was it a bra? lol… Adore Delano was pretty good in her solo performance. The rest of the contestants did alright to me, except for Milk. Her freestyle dancing was a bit too goofy… and not in a good way. I mean, okay, be yourself but not too much! Be a little classy.

I was surprised to see Bianca Del Rio so close to the bottom three. Ugh. And I’m worried for Courtney Act, but she’s been playing it safe. It would be great to see some sophistication in her outfits … she was basically only wearing a simple two-piece and a comforter. lol… very fishy though. Carmen Carrera was fishy, and she relied on her body a lot while on the show … we all know how that end up.

Trinity and Milk fell to the bottom two, and that’s fine with me. Trinity nailed the lip sync… she was very sensual and spot on. While Milk… well, she was being her goofy self. I get goofy, but there’s a time for that. I give props to her for trying to glam it up for the runway look. It was cute… but a little rough around the edges. It wasn’t as polished like some of the girls. She’s gone… good sport. Now… on with the show.



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