BDAY Carlotta Gurl and Guests

Last night The Junction Pub celebrated Carlotta’s “29th” birthday for the… second… time? (cough)

Tons of local drag queens (except for Raye, Jem, Kristina, and Robyn… :) maybe they’re working elsewhere? #shade) converged at the pub for a spectacular installment of “Carlotta Gurl and Guests“. Carlotta was joined by Anita Wigl’it (Vancouver’s 2013 Drag Superstar Winner), Joan-e, Mandy Kamp, Drag King T, and Nicki Ravange. They each wowed a packed club with amazing and very contrasting performances … camp, pop, opera, and dare I say … hillbilly? LOL :) The finale performance by Carlota, Joan-e, and Drag King T was intense, check out the video footage below. Now, gagging performances aside… all I can say is…

Tipping drag queens is an art form. If the performer is so focused with their character in an intense routine…. away from the audience… please… stay where you are. They will come for you if they want your tip. That’s all.

On a more up-beat note… check out some tight closeups of painted ladies who showed up.. BDAY. So much glam… so tall! It was a fun night… and somebody touched my hoohaa… twice… gurl… you’re so naughty. Behave Mister You-know-who-you-are. lol¬†


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