Are You A Tweep Or Are You Not?

A friend of mine have a hard time getting on the Twitter bandwagon. He’s stuck with Google+ and Facebook. His argument is that, he can’t keep up tweeting every second like me. Ok, that’s inaccurate… and grossly exaggerated.

First, I don’t tweet every second! More like six unique text-only posts per minute, or two with media, or maximum twenty Favorites and retweets… lol. I’ve been tweeting since Dec. 2, 2009! If you’re doing something this long it becomes second nature. If it doesn’t, you may have some learning issues. (pause) (catching breath)

Second! It’s not a contest! It’s not like a popularity contest like Facebook (spit)… at least for me. It’s not like… if you don’t post enough tweets per hour you die. Or like… if you don’t have enough followers you’ll be ridiculed in public then stoned to death. Ok, maybe the latter. lol. Kidding!

And third… how you use Twitter is entirely up to you…. organizations use it for customer service, as a promotion channel, or for product or service evangelization! People use it for news feeds,… even porn!… it’s… limitless! For me, I use it to express myself… my opinion not porn!… or to show support to whatever I’m into,… or even to socializing (gasp). It’s amazing how fans now are able to directly interact with their idols, this was unheard of in the 20th Century! Also I find that writing down raw emotion helps to manage it. And if your tweet is funny, you make others laugh. And if it sucks, you can always delete it. You still have to be cognizant about what you tweet. Keep your private stuff private… I meant info!

So there… it’s actually cool that you won’t feel the same kind of pressure to “show off” or divulge so much personal information on Twitter unlike Facebook, Google+, or MySpace.

So… start tweeting… Robert. ^_^


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