Concerning Laganja Estranja

Laganja Estranja …. RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six Top Eight! All T all shade… here’s my bias opinion! She’s a very talented and well put together queen. She came to the show armed with fabulous costumes. Her mug is pretty polished … and she’s only 24!

I’ve read fans’ posts in social media complaining about her being “annoying”… okay, here’s the thing…

First. It’s an effin show! The tension needs to come from someone or it’s really gonna be boring! RuPaul’s Drag Race without the drama? Can you even call it a show?

SecondYouth! Mike Ruiz, Santino Rice, Michelle Visage, and Bianca Del Rio complained about her “annoying” character. Even RuPaul pointed out that Laganja Estranja reminded her when she was younger, that if she could only sit her younger self down and tell her to tone it down…. she would. That’s exactly it! Laganja Estranja is very young! She needs attention (News Flash! she’s a drag queen…duh!)… she’s full of it. Don’t you remember when you were a young adult and how you were being so loud and outlandish that old people complain about your boisterous youthful essence? EXACTLY! Ever heard of Miley Cirus? Or any of the young stars these days? EXACTLY! I know some people who are nearing forty (or past fifty?) and are still big flamers… attention whores… loud and obnoxious at the club. Of course, I was such a Lady Mary during my time…. (cough). Even my brother when he was little … he was such an attention whore… and he’s straight. The point is… kids being kids will be outrageous. They’re still … (cough)… (we’re still?) … trying to find themselves (ourselves). LOL. I’m sure when Laganja gets to be as “old” as RuPaul, Kelly Mantle, or even Vivacious… she’ll calm her ass down. But for now calm your old ass down… and let the child be! What where you doing when you where 24? Whoring in every bathhouse in town? Exactly!

ThirdGot Talent. Some people can be loud and showy. But when it comes down to it… they got nothing to show! Just full of attitude and zero talent. Laganja Estranja is actually a fierce dancer. I’ve seen it in person… and she rocks! She’s actually very cool in person. Her mug is spot on. Oh and… have ya’ll forgotten her awesome costumes? She actually came to the show very prepared in that department. Tell me none of her outfits impressed you and I say you’re a big fat liar. The bitch got a lot to offer and you can’t take it… because you’re #jealous.

So what if she says “Oh MAMMA!”… Shangela says “Halleloo” all the time. It’s Laganja’s shtick… deal with it!

Lastly, I think she exited too soon. I believe she’s got more to show than some of the other contestants who are still on the show. She didn’t require any prodding to get her game on… like, say… Trinity K. Bonet. That’s right. Not once did she require coaching (I think RuPaul is kinda giving Trinity way too many chances. Okay, she did managed to raise to the occasion.. but after a lot of coercing! Maybe it’s the editing?).

Anyway… I would definitely come to her events again in the future when I get the chance.

Whatcha Packin’ exit Interview with Michelle Visage.

Side note: Why the double episode? I have a theory. Maybe the show’s producers thought episodes 7 and 8 are weak on their own that they have to deliver two to drum up ratings? Or perhaps because the show won’t be on on Good Friday? Hmmm. I think both episodes are pretty good on their own. It’s just a theory.


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