Drag Race – Funny Glamazons, But What The F?

RuPaul’s Drag Race this week was a slumber party… how’s the caffeine? Two episodes back-to-back … “Glamazon by ColorEvolution” and “Drag Queens of Comedy“.

All T, All Shade. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… I like all the season six contestants. It’s easy to find something to like about the contestants this season. But having said that, I feel like some of the queens were given way too many bones and chances than some. The favoritism sometimes gets a little too obvious. Well, it’s their show, so they can do whatever they want.

For “Glamazon by ColorEvolution“… I’m just surprised RuPaul haven’t done this already. Good for her… sell sell sell! Anyway, Ben DeLa Creme and Darienne Lake was in the bottom two and had to lip sync for their life. Their performances were both fierce… but it’s not as fierce as Alyssa Edwards going head-to-head with Roxxxy Andrews. I think RuPaul’s “stern” look to Laganja Estranja’s reaction after being declared winner in the main challenge seemed like the beginning of the end… or maybe it was just the editing? Nobody got axed in this episode … it seemed a bit iffy. Darienne Lake should’ve sashayed away. Great episode again… so much drama.. gah….

For “Drag Queens of Comedy“… Trinity K. Bonet and Bianca Del Rio were pretty good in the main challenge. The rest didn’t really “impressed” me with their comedy, but I enjoyed their look. Doing comedy is not something you can learn. You can’t learn to be funny… no matter how funny your writers are. It’s either you have it or you don’t. This was clearly Bianca Del Rio’s element… I mean, even in the Werk Room and Untucked episodes I eagerly wait for her to crack a joke… and she never fails to deliver! Adore Delano pointed out how hard it is to hate Bianca Del Rio because she’s so sweet and helpful. That’s easy to explain! Gurl, that’s her penance. If Miss Del Rio wasn’t sweet nor helpful she’d self-combust! It’s how the good and the dark sides in her are kept in balance. She was so hilarious in the main challenge, I was getting cramps from laughing so hard. Her outfit was the bomb! Yass! I was so entertained… I totally forgot how the others sucked… sorry gurls, that’s the truth. And speaking about truth, why wasn’t Ben DeLa Creme in the bottom two? Laganja Estranja wasn’t heckled… sure, her act fizzled… but so was everybody else except Trinity and Bianca. I thought the bottom two should’ve been Dela Creme and Adore Delano. Laganja’s outfit was way better than Adore Delano. As well, she rocked the lip sync… her performance was stronger than Joslyn Fox. I dunno, maybe RuPaul and the judges simply got tired of her antics? Hmmm, they’re effin drag queens! They all got shtick.

On a personal note… I had the coolest opportunity to watch Laganja Estranja perform live and meet her before and after the show in Seattle last month. She’s very gracious and nice in person. Her performance was intense! I hope to see her perform live again in the future.

The show throws plenty of curveballs… some can makes your eyebrows raise. The top fou… three… is getting more and more obvious… Bianca Del Rio, Ben Dela Creme, and Courtney Act.

Great show …. now, can we get some sleep?


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