IT’s Not Enough To Know The Tools, Dammit!

Got your diploma? Your MVP certificate? Your common sense?

Time and again I keep running into these so-called glorified experts with nothing to show.. At the end of the day, they’re merely humans… and flawed. I’d be cool with it if only they didn’t make a lot of mess I have to clean-up or live with their mistakes. I get it, you want another contact… but dammit man, show some credibility.

Knowing Visual Studio, scrum or what have you is just a tiny piece of the puzzle… it ain’t enough. You gotta look at the bigger picture. Applications aren’t perfect, we know that… right Microsoft?…  you need to look ahead. Think KTLO (keeping the lights on),…  what will it take to support it, keep it running, housekeeping, reporting,… do you have support and SRS documentation,  etc. Did you design the damn application with those in mind? I bet not. You were too busy focusing on the business requirements and didn’t even made any effort to look into non-functional requirements… performance, DRP,  record retention, log management… I bet your app logs are shitty.

Since working in the tech field in the late 80s, I started very young! So sush!… I can only count the number of tech experts that really impressed me… five… as of April 8, 2014…  with Bill Gates… six. People who took the time to look at the details and the big picture … being thorough without compromising (too much) cost and time.

Software development shouldn’t just be about finishing your effin code… you gotta do everything. This  includes sound logging for support and audit trail, proper coding, in-code documentation, automated email exception alerts for critical faults, data integrity reporting, storage management, disaster recovery, change management, and a sound deployment process that includes user training and advanced rollout notifications. Surprises are best reserved for circus or shows, not in a professional tech environment.

Now, go have a look at your resume and professional certificates… and ask yourself… “Have I honorably earned these stripes or did I just paid for them?”


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