Last Rant About Laganja Estranja’s Elimination

My last “rant” on the topic… I think it’s totally outrageous to kick somebody off the show just because people find them “annoying”. I mean, if you plan to live with them, perhaps… but who gives an F? It’s their talent and fierceness that’s being judged… not their mannerisms… c’mon! Have they forgotten all her main stage look?… compared to say… Joslyn (her straps), Darienne (about her “outfits”), and Adore (her non-costumes)? These three girls looked so unpolished on the main stage! I included Trinity, due to her very faint charisma. Would’ve been more “acceptable” to watch had Darienne, Joslyn, Adore and Trinity exit first. (pause) Anyway, it’s done. They’re all fun. Prance on talented bitch! Hope to see you perform again in the future. ^_^


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