Iewei Ltd to Unveil SQUID!

Iewei Ltd. to unveil The Wellness Wristband (TM) aptly named SQUID.

It’s the only wearable device capable of detecting the exposure to harmful radiation – it can measure electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure from WiFi, GSM, 4G and all connected devices. It alerts the wearer by vibration when radiations are critical to them.

SQUID can also measure heart rate in real-time! This makes SQUID a great alternative to heart rate monitors for active people. No more pausing while jogging to check for heart rates. It comes in a choice of black, white, red, blue, green and silver colors! Its slim, sleek, and stylish design makes it very fashionable and unobtrusive to wear. No more cumbersome watches!

In addition to SQUID, Iewei will also unveil PREMIUM and TITANIUM COLLECTION.

SQUID is due for release third week of May 2014! I can’t wait!

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