Life’s Curveball

I’ve been wondering what my “end game” will be. I’ve decided long time ago that I don’t want to work all my life. I’ve been talking to people who’s lifestyle served as my model. So I’ve been trying to figure out how am I gonna get there. My job is great, but it ain’t enough.

My dear dad, may he rest in peace, pretty much nudge me to that direction. For the past three weeks I’ve been having many deja vu. It’s merely telling me I’m in the right direction. My challenge now is to figure out the details and timing. And it has indeed preoccupied my thoughts since I got back from my dad’s funeral.

Now I’m facing two realities… I’ll try apply @CourtneyAct’s logic… that her problem was thinking she had a problem. Psyche myself out of a well.

It’s a conundrum. The options are there… the trick is figuring out how am I gonna juggle two very important things thousands of miles apart … and still do my shtick.

I think one of my biggest regret, if I have to have one, is missing my siblings grow up. But I also know, being around my dad all the time would never be easy.

I have four big life goals… one has just been checked off. I think once the solution becomes clear… I shall be on my way.

Viva su vida.


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