My Most Scandalous Post Yet – U Nasty Pig!

I don’t know who Bruin Collinsworth is, but he is definitely selling Nasty Pig’s Spring line like… you better get down and dirty.

Sex sells… and it sells like pancakes these days. Be it chic, like Carmen Carrera, … or any Undergear male model for that matter. Left, right, and center … carnal desires sells.

And what’s with the schlong tip silhouette? Since when did that ever became fashionable? I bet the club scene is responsible. Those boys would do anything to get a tip. (cough) LOL. Go-gos. Jobs. (cough) I’m not complaining… just wondering.

Ever noticed the avalanche of models having the perfect male (or female) form? Not even models… regular folks flaunting their wears on Instagram… for free. The only silver lining to this, I’d imagine (cough) … wipe your drool!, … is not hooked-on-dick, but people getting motivated to take care of their body! You can’t buy a genuine six-pack on eBay bitch. Not yet anyway. You need to workout right and eat right … that is if you got the genes. That’s the positive spin to all these lustful lifestyle, of which I’m not in any way whatsoever… opposed. LOL :) #charming

So … sell, sell, sell … you Nasty Pig you! Oink! Oink! :)



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