Congratulations Bianca Del Rio! RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six Winner!

First, this is a really bad screen capture but that’s all I got … so who cares?

Next, Congratulations to Mother Effiin Bianca Del Rio for winning Next Drag Superstar on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six! That was a mouthful.

RuPaul crowned the clown. I was rooting for Courtney Act right from the onset. I considered Bianca Top Four but dropped her after rumors about her getting the boot first. But then, of course, it was false so she was back on my Top Four. She had so much confidence on the show that it almost seemed like a walk in the park for her. She was hilarious! I dug the “Rolodex of Hate” and her quick comebacks … as I’ve mentioned in my previous articles. She seemed to be the apparent winner. It was all too easy. I pretty much switched after the second episode to Team Bianca. Then … in the tenth episode, Courtney Act still managed to stay afloat in the competition … most of the time as “safe.” But she did turned it out a few times. Then, I remembered she was my first bet at winning. No matter how my gut was telling me … Bianca, I felt like I’d be betraying Courtney for abandoning her team. So … I started making my case again for Team Courtney after episode ten. :)

I still think Ben Dela Creme, Courtney Act, and Bianca Del Rio should’ve been Top Three. And I was fine if either Bianca or Courtney won the crown.

I was impressed and disappointed at Milk. Why didn’t she glammed up on the show? Why wait until she got eliminated before showing what she can really do? It’s great though. Bitter sweet.

And here we are. Coronation night! It was riveting! RuPaul looked majestic in her blue gown … whatever is the technical fashion term for that… I have no effin clue, but she was gorgeous! Supersahhhrrr…. :)

Adore, she was great … and answered the question like how young people would do. LOL (shade). Bianca and Courtney … did their piece marvelously. Can’t say anything bad about their outfits and mug, they were all stunning!

Bianca Del Rio took the crown … well deserved. No qualms whatsoever! Now, prance you “mean” bitch … prance I say! Hope to see you soon in Vancouver!!!!

[ Update: Coronation in Las Vegas ]


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