RuPaul – Experience Of A Lifetime

RuPaul Charles … the de facto drag queen, supermodel of the world universe, entertainer, icon, entrepreneur, … a positive force.

No matter what your lifestyle is, no matter what your direction in life may be … you will always have people you look up to … for strength, wisdom, enrichment, and sanity.

Back Story

For me, I have a handful of people I look up to. But lately, RuPaul has been at the forefront. He’s message of self-empowerment and love has been the loudest drumbeat. He is such a positive influence and morale booster. His catch phrases is like my dad’s palm whooping my head to put me back on track, lol. His songs helps keep the blues away. And just by being so fit, glamorous, … and timeless, one can’t help but try to strive for the same perfection. (pause)

Confession: Sometimes when I jog and his song “The Beginning” is playing, I imagine RuPaul walking down the runway on the main stage on RuPaul’s Drag Race … and I’m like … “If she can be fit, so can I!” Then I run faster. LOL. It’s funny … but it’s true.

His show RuPaul’s Drag Race, to me is the embodiment of all her wisdom and life lessons. It’s beauty, business, marketing genius, brains, and pure joy wrapped in a TV show package. :) I could go on and on about RuPaul, but here’s a side note … up until 2007, I was afraid of drag queens. Only after befriending Las Vegas drag queens in 2007 through MySpace that I really began to understand the art and the people doing it. It broke a lot of stereotypes that clouded my opinion about the art form. In 2009, I saw half an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1, and that was it … I didn’t get the show that time… and the Werk Room made me feel claustrophobic *grins*. I didn’t really follow the show seriously until Season Three in 2011. I started going to local drag shows only two years ago. And I only meet my first RuPaul’s Drag Race cast in 2012, and she is … (drum roll) Sharon Needles!

The thing is, 2005 to 2009 was the most trying period of my life. My life was changing dramatically in all directions … and I was just coming out of a rut. I was broken … in more ways than one. RuPaul’s wisdom was like … the oil that kept the lights going as I walk through the tunnel. It worked … I mean, I got here … in one … sexy piece. LOL jk … ok, just one piece.

A Chance To Meet A Legend

When I heard RuPaul was going to make an appearance in his Pop-Up Shop in Hollywood, it was too late… the event was over. I swore the next time he’ll make an appearance, I’d go … no matter what it takes. Ask and ye shall receive, eh? When I heard last week of a return engagement, I was so thrilled! What’s more, it was on on a weekend! Only thing is, Bianca Del Niro (lol jk) was gonna make a debut appearance in Vancouver! And I already bought the ticket. Decisions, decisions. Bianca in one hand, or RuPaul on the other? Hmmm. I sold my Bianca ticket to a very happy acquaintance. And I immediately booked a flight to Los Angeles (LAX) for Saturday 6am with a return flight that evening at 8pm. I only had two hours of sleep since Friday before the RuPaul Pop-Up Shop event on Saturday at 1:00pm. I was pretty much running on Starbucks coffee and adrenaline. It paid off!

When I got to the RuPaul Pop-Up Shop, it was already 10:20am and I was sixth in line! :) The line got long quite fast. I had a great chat with a few Drag Race fans. It’s always interesting … there are fans who haven’t meet as many cast members as you do and you feel so fortunate … then there are others, who have seen everybody and BFFs with a few … and you feel happy for them and also a little jealous, lol. :) I stood there until 12:30pm, then they started to usher us in. RuPaul started half an hour early. I bought a lot of stuff … a Glamazon fragrance, Glamazon t-shirt, RuPaul chocolate bar (milk chocolate, peanut butter, and sea salt), and RuPaul “Letting It All Hang Out” book.

I tried not to move too much because I can already feel myself sweatin’ lol. It took so much energy and nerve to stay calm. It’s like delivering a baby … breathing technique does work! Watching RuPaul sign and chat with the fans before me … was an awesome experience. Well, I had to let two of my fellow fans go ahead of me because I was still feeling shaky (strategic not generous, lol jk). I didn’t want to faint and make a scene … there were no camera crews! All that Emmy work for nothing? :) There was this very nice guy though who took our pictures while we meet RuPaul. Thank goodness!

OMG Moment

RuPaul was very warm, engaging, and gracious. I mentioned to him I was bluebay700 from Twitter and that I flew all the way from Vancouver and I’m going to miss Bianca’s gig just to see her. That earned me a big hug and a very nice long chat! I told him how he has inspired me and has helped me through challenging times in my life. I showed him the flyer for Bianca Del Rio’s gig. He reassured me that I might still make it, since I’ll be back by 10:30pm and the show won’t be over until past midnight. Classic me… I said “I bought a lot of merch, including this (Glamazon fragrance) … I’m going to smell like a drag queen!” bahahaha I don’t know why, but I said it! It was for flattery — always. Ru responded “It’s for everyone.” I said “Yes.” (channeling Ben DeLa Creme’s Maggie Smith) lol. He asked me if I want him to sign my merch as “bluebay700″ or my name, I said the latter. So RuPaul took all my merch and said “okay, I’ll sign all of these.” As he was signing, he was raving about Vancouver. He told me about certain movies that was filmed here that he was part of or something … I couldn’t remember … my brain was too loud screaming “omg omg omg omg!” I was too busy being stoked … fangirling (inside)! Well, as it turns out … RuPaul loves Vancouver!

I didn’t mention to Ru about Team Courtney, no … we didn’t talk about the show … it was MY moment. ;) But the experience, all seven minutes of it! … felt like a one-on-one interview with the final three on RuPaul’s drag race. It was strange … I felt like as if I was split into five people … one was on auto-mode responding to questions, another one was doing message delivery, another one was mindful about the photography, another one was busy calming nerves, and another one was doing nothing but … gawking. LOL … it was … intense! I was saying “omg” in my head until the following day … literally! I didn’t eat anything the whole day because I was worried I was going to have stomach issues when I meet him! Imagine the meal I had after I got home in Vancouver around midnight. Pigged. Out! I was so pumped after the event that I was handing out too many $5 tips to cosplayers in front of the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard in exchange for photo ops.

And so … to finally meet RuPaul … what was it like? It was like … a true religious experience.

It was UHMAAZING!!!  But wait! There’s more … RuPaul Pop-Up Shop Photos. RuPaul Pop-Up Shop is open until August! Get your merch bitches!

To RuPaul, Thanks For Everything — BLUEBAY700


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