RuPaul’s Podcast With Michelle Visage – Ep 4

I just finished listening to RuPaul’s podcast with BFF Michelle Visage entitled “RuPaul What’s The Tee? with Michelle Visage” fourth episode where they talk about creating your own luck, David Bowie, and lace front wigs.

I feel like with the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race … RuPaul is pretty much everywhere doing everything. He and World of Wonder has produced a lot of neat shows on YouTube, he’s got a unique product line – make-up, fragrance, book, chocolate bar, and everything in between, and now … podcast – it’s like a template for a radio show. I’m not going to repeat what they talked about point-by-point since that’s a bit tedious…. no, I’m just gonna give my general thought about what they talked about and this new … gig?

Episode 4 is the first podcast I listened to. It’s pretty good. It’s very insightful and amusing. It’s very personal. They start with a core topic … followed by a lot of tangents … and sponsor plug. Classic RuPaul embedded marketing. :) The podcast sounded like something friends would do when they hang out … talk about random things. Only difference is… RuPaul and Michelle have sponsors. lol. There’s a lot of history spread throughout the course of their conversation … and it’s very interesting to listen to. The podcast humanizes these two stars even more (it further exposes their “vulnerability”? :) ), … that they seem more like ordinary people … but with jobs that put them on TV.

Okay, so tidbits I gather … there’s definitely a RuPaul’s Drag Race – English version but it’s not clear if RuPaul will be in it to judge … he prefers an English host takes on the RuPaul role … and Michelle would rather RuPaul hosted it… with her as a bonus… LOL… of course. And that Nicole Kidman always wears lace front wigs. (pause) And that some drag queens are messy in that they don’t wash the lace front after use… (pause) and that David Bowie is the only star that made RuPaul gag … and Michelle is just like everybody else whose got insecurities … (pause) … and that fans who are overly excited when they meet RuPaul can be off-putting … but he doesn’t mind because without fans he’ll have no show… and a million other tidbits.

To me, the podcast reminds me of when I was very little … maybe around seven years old or something … where I’d get up so early in the morning, around six or so, and hear old music my dad’s playing from our old and huge LP player or hear the chatter of old folks. I’d pull a chair next to the player and sat there … knees curled up to my tummy. I’d stare at the record spinning … I wasn’t listening to the music … I was listening to my dad and other folks talking. I wouldn’t have a clue what they’re talking about … but I just sat there… quietly and listen… and it made me feel safe and home. They’d give me a hot chocolate drink … I’d feel sleepy. I’d walk back to my room and sleep.

Ok, I’m not saying I don’t a clue what RuPaul and Michelle were talking about… lol, that’s not the point. What I’m saying is… listening to them talking… brings me back to that time of my life. It makes me pause and do absolutely … nothing. I savor the moment and let things go by.

Now, off to jog! I’m late!

ps: You can listen to the podcast here… for free, yassss.


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