Laganja Estranja … Yass Gawd! IMHO

Laganja Estranja, 24 … RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six top eight! Fierce performer … and one of the show’s most unforgettable character. She was accused of being “fake” on the show because of her over the top character and for being “annoying”  … “Alright season six, let’s get sickening!” …”Yes gawd!“… “Okaaaay!” … and all that.

Mike Ruiz’s facial expression during the first challenge was foreboding. I get it! It’s easy to get annoyed by people younger than us. Heck, I want to strangle bratty kids in the plane … but I won’t … it’s only a figure of speech.

The judges wanted to see the real Jay Jackson … the real person, without the character… without the “fakeness.” They wanted to see vulnerability. (pause) Frankly? I don’t want to. Had Laganja been normal on the show, that would account for a total of seven boring episodes. Whom would Bianca Del Rio come for? lol #rhetorical.. answer is, if you really want to know … it’s everyone. (I bet Bianca reads everybody on the show, even the crew, lol) I see vulnerability everywhere all the time! I see it when I get up, and I see it even in my dreams.

Normal is what I’m trying to escape when I watch the damn show!

So, as a fan of the show … and most of the contestants … and as a patron who comes to their gigs, buy merchandise, and hand out tips (in Canada our smallest paper bill is $5, we don’t have $1 paper bills here America! Milk called it, “monopoly money” .. well guess what brought you to Canada gurl… that monopoly money) … here’s the deal …. my opinion … no malice, just truth.

Maybe it’s just the judges playing it out for the public to feed their drama and keep the interest alive. But seriously, some of the “accusations” … I’m over it. I don’t really like to use this word the way it’s used, but … I live for the outrageous character. That’s just what I like. I don’t want a normal drag queen who’s “vulnerable”, rough around the edges … to me, that means unpolished or amateur. It won’t command a lot of attention. I want a showman/woman. I want to be entertained. I don’t think I’ll be entertained with “ordinary.” Sorry, I can’t. Outrageous is memorable.

People picked on Gia Gunn too for about the same reason. Well guess who were most talked about during the finale?! Whose catchphrases where used?! EXACTLY!

I don’t mind Laganja’s voice … it’s fun! And what is up with asking them to be normal. The judges called out Tyra in more than one occasion in Season 2 for not changing her voice to something more feminine when in drag! He speaks in his deep voice in and out of drag. And they want him to play a character? Besides, these are guys in women’s dresses .. and they wear makeup. If they’re gonna be real and normal … I ain’t coming to their gigs. That’s for sure.

I live for the theatrics … the outrageousness … the drama… the death drops and high energy choreography … I want to be entertained. Normal .. doesn’t cut it. So any queen on who decides to compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race and be normal … they may be loved by the judges during the show … but guess who’ll last longer and remain relevant long after the show’s over? The outrageous ones. Okay, not the bitter ones. There’s a difference.

So … Laganja Estranja … keep it up gurl! Props to you momma!


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