Uhmazing: Kevin Free … High Quality Or Bust!

These days, when anyone who owns a camera, a big ass camera, call themselves “photographer”, (pause) … okay, you know what? Let’s set aside formal intro for a quick emotional outburst.


It’s just me… I cringe when I see way too many people in one square block, from teens to gran-grans, carrying bulky cameras with high powered lenses, taking pictures at just about anything. Situation: You’re in a very nice restaurant… and a patron sitting next to you, who are obviously having a regular dinner – no occasion, are taking pictures every freakin’ second using an on-camera flash with a bounce card! By the time you’re done with your meal … you’re blind. And you’ve seen the photos from people on social media … you see, they don’t just post the best shot, no…  they post everything! It’s like a flip book animation. You can LITERALLY see them blink … frame-by-frame. They usually have no subject … no direction … no proper framing … no theme, … nothing. Just random shots at random subjects. And don’t get me started with child photos. LOL … Okay, I love her… but check out Rosie O’Donnell’s Instagram … it’s a Nurserygram. I get it… I totally get it. At least she have a theme. Anyway …


I mean, I do take photos as a hobby … but they’re more for mementos and memories. And I only pick (and publish) the best shots of myself or others … and the rest will never see the light of day. Let’s face it, managing millions of photos on the web is not an easy task. More so when they end up in the public domain. A lot of people these days live for this kind of popularity whoreding … I don’t. For the record, my Instagram doesn’t count. It’s like a photo blog … but more crude – I post and forget.

So what I’m saying is… I’m not impressed easily, but when I do, I go #fangirling … and root for the SOB. LOL. This sounds like a Dos Equis XX commercial. :)

Meet Kevin Free

I meet Kevin Free (his pseudo name, I think his legal name is “John Smith”), a *$^% year old Vancouverite, at a club event in Vancouver. It started off as a casual chat … that basically never stopped. As with my new Twitter followers, in real life… it’s similar… I try check people’s shtick for a few minutes … ya know, see what they’re all about. If they’re interesting or not, etc. So I checked Kevin’s works … it’s a lot. He have about twenty billion photos on Facebook, lol jk, okay … only 2,603+ photos … around 200 of that are highly refined work. I was impressed.

“Rob Goddard” Factor

I wasn’t expecting his works to be so good. Like Rob Goddard, a Vancouverite now based in Sydney, who have such an amazing gift at taking photos of ordinary things and making them look grand … mind you, using only his phone camera and an app.

With Kevin Free … I’d dare say … he’s obsessed with photography. He claims he’s not even an amateur because he’s just learning, and have been taking photos from events and cosplayers for a few months. But the quality of his works … says otherwise. I think he’s way too modest for his craft.


Kevin is a die hard cosplayer (costume play – Google it) and avid photographer with a keen eye for presentation and quality. His freaky cosplay costumes are just as wicked. The quality of his photography is only surpassed by his dedication to the cosplay movement. It’s very impressive to see such raw talent and dedication. For him, it’s all about quality … quality, quality, … quality! Oh, and did I mention … quality? One would think that he’s running a production and media business. No, it’s just hobby. No biggie. Yeah, just a normal weekend hobby of exceptional photography and cosplaying pop-culture characters bring-them-to-life realness … and hosting sixty cosplayers at his place, on the side. #Impressed #Bam! #Blown #Away. He’s doing these things and I’m like “How the hell are you gonna transport that costume contraption?” #clueless So you can see the level there. (scoff) Of course, he doesn’t know SharePoint. (pause) (sighs) But this article is not about me.

Now then …

I’ve “sprinkled” this article with some of his works that I thought are superb … well, a lot of them are, they’re just way too many. Anyway, check em out. You can find more of his works in his official Facebook page. Book him for events. Pay him goddammit! And remember, I get 10% commission! :) “jk”

Photographs courtesy by Kevin Free, published with permission.


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