PTX (Pentatonix), Volume II – WOW!

Pentatonix (PTX), winner of the show The Sing-Off Season 3, is a cappella and beatboxing group of pure vocal goodness. PTX is made up of band members Scott, Kirstie, Mitch, Kevin, and Avi. :) No instruments only raw vocal talent. Bass, percussion, lead vocals, backup vocals, … special effects … you name it … they do it all without the aide of any musical instrument! Scott, Kirstie, and Mitch often switch up as lead and backup vocals … superb harmony. Kevin and Avi, the “meat and potato” of the group – coined by Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men), does the bass, percussion, and everything in between … are simply unbelievable to listen to. The power and depth of these guy’s vocal range is out of this world.

It was such a thrill to follow their journey from the show. It was easy to spot a winner when you hear one. Every episode they gave me goosebumps. I had the pleasure to attend their Canada debut performance at The Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver on May 9, 2013 … it was so amazing! The energy these guys project is so intense I had to remove myself from my seat and walked up right in front of the stage … along with four dozen or so people. I was five feet away from these amazing talent! It was so unreal.

They recently released their second album, PTX, Vol. II, on November 2013 and it’s now available on iTunes. Check out the official music video for “Love Again“, the album’s third cut! … and experience the power! Keep in mind… no musical instruments are involved in this or any of their songs. Ok, you can’t count a microphone … let’s try not be a smartass, aight?
Genuine talent like PTX should be given supported. Their works are unique, entertaining, and pure. They’re the real deal. Not some singer-wannabe who slaps some spoken words with beats and add some half-naked women and call it a song. Check them out … Google them… and buy their album!

PTX Official on Twitter.


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