Vancouver Shenanigans and Adore Delano

Carlotta Gurl

Yesterday was a night of shenanigans in Vancouver.The weather was warm and dry … Carlotta Gurl and Guests where busy throwing a scandalous drag show featuring pull-the-unsuspecting-young-man’s-boxers-in-front-of-a-live-audience realness. Yes, there was a brief spectacle of pure joy. I didn’t took a picture of it, I’m not that kind of guy – before drinks, but the glorious moment has been committed to high definition memory. And that’s why I stand behind a table (cough) lol. It was a great show … as always.

30 Minutes Earlier

I was in full drag (meaning, me and my coffee) … waiting for a text message from The Kevin Free when TFD Presents announced Adore Delano as at Heaven’s Door and ready to meet up Vancouver bitches and hang out. Well, I’ve been waiting for one hour and forty six minutes for the text … so I hauled ass and drove downtown faster than you can say “your place or my place?” I got to the club, paid my cover … and this little guy Danny … was about to go out for a drag with a bunch of people. Adore Delano looks bigger on TV … that’s all I’m saying. Very well mannered, funny, and such a trooper. Very gracious with the photo ops. :) Out of drag … but still cool. Took my selfie, mission accomplished. Now, where the heck is Kevin?!

Fast Forward

Meanwhile, back at the Junction Club … Carlotta Gurl’s show was romping up. Birthday guest performer Sienna Blaze did a very energetic number. And local sensation Valynne Vile killed her performance and went nuts on the stage … literally … security! :) Of course Carlotta was professional. It was a great show … in part because of the brief straight-acting-young-white-male nudity. lol.

Heaven’s Door

Jane Smokr did her performance debut for TFD Presents Monroe. It was a top notch act. Sharon Needles would’ve pissed in her panties if she was there … and yell “My baby!” :) If she, Alaska Thunderfuck, and the Red Skull had a baby … it’d be Jane Smokr. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again … Vancouver drag has raised its bar, and I’m not patronizing … I have no vested interest … I don’t get a cut on their paycheck. Hmmmm

Meanwhile, Adore Delano got swarmed with photo op requests … (fast forward because I gotta run) … she went out again for a puff. Ugh … really,  all the smoking. He’s cool to hang out with … Danny is real. And I don’t think he was drunk enough to fake anything. Funny little kid. Something normal about a young adult smoking outside on picnic benches surrounded by drag queens and a guy with an exposed pretty bum. lol. Adore Delano is such a trooper. Still very gracious with her smile when and photo requests … even at 2:00am. Oh, he’s here shooting a his music video for his next single I Adore UParty” (single slated for release June 3) from his debut album “Till Death Do Us Party“. She’ll be back in Vancouver to shoot another music video for the next track “Party.”?

Photos of the shenanigans…. Juncation thingyHeaven’s Door thingy

Drag show video coming up soon …

[Update from Adore]
@AdoreDelano My second single will be….. #IAdoreU!!!
4:54pm · 2 Jun 2014 · Twitter for iPhone

@AdoreDelano @bluebay700 #Party is the 3rd single!
5:32pm · 2 Jun 2014 · Twitter for iPhone


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