MALEBOX at The Cellar

TFD Presents and #OnlineDatingLive just concluded their first MALEBOX event, Vancouver’s newest mixer in support of Friends For Life. The event took place at The Cellar, a very cozy Gothic-ish themed club, on Nelson Street (between Granville and Seymour streets) in downtown Vancouver. I’m never really a big fan of brightly lit clubs … or those so exposed to the public (like Numbers, sorry ’bout it). I mean, if I wanna … excuse me for the term … “let it all hang out” ;) lol … I prefer a little privacy. And who wants to look at busted looks anyway? Nobody wants to see crows’ feet or zits before the first drink, sorry … can’t mingle. LOL … this sounds shallow… I’m kidding, of course. But seriously, no bright lights or dance floors visible to the street! Thank you very much.

So The Cellar was actually a great relief. It’s a night club venue with great potential … for drag events. :)

Anyway, I like the place. It was hosted by birthday gal Joan E and a live performance of Miss Cobalt 2014 … Valynne Vile. All drag queens, of course. Valynne did a great lip sync performance, I must say. Pure entertaintment. :) Ya know what would be great too? RuPaul’s Drag Race cast member doing a gig … hosted by local drag queens of course or as opening acts. This place is so much better than Shine, sorry again. LOL

Anyway, check out some photos I took from the event.



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