Marriage Equality Flip Side

Utah finally joined the list of US States that  allows gay marriage. Yes! (pause) But on a more serious note, allow me to be bitter for a sec. Equal rights. Fantastic! Ya know, gay marriage is a good thing. It’s about time gay people taste the agony of going through divorce. I mean, yes, it’s all sweet at first. And nuptials always make people cry… it’s a joyous occasion… even if it’s the fifth for one of the spouse. We love a sappy fairytale story (pun intended).

It’s a bit ironic that on one hand we have couples going into this entrapment… knowingly… and on the flip side you have committed couples going on Grindr looking for a third (or fourth) player. I’m sure they only want to chat and make friends. Lies! Liza Minnelli! We gays are so hypocritical at times.

Of course, equal rights is always the best… no matter how gay couples fall short in giving it justice. Perhaps after Grindr removes “open relationship” from its status I’ll take this more seriously. But no… gays love their orgies and… wife swaps. Yes, LGBT shooting itself on the foot.

I do recognize that gay marriage can sometimes work… even if it’s only 10%. I mean,…  there’s Perez Hilton, Bert and Ernie. It can work!

Equal rights, equal agony. Say “I do” bitch.


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