Playing Games Is Serious Business

I just witnessed my first gamer/cosplay event at The Rio Theatre on Broadway street this evening. I felt like fish out of water – even though I was never a fish in my life, but if I were … it probably felt like it, but not dying. Okay, now you might ask “What is up with those two guys on stage in their underwear making questionable poses?”

I’ll get to that, but first … let me take a … (cough) moment to share my thoughts about this event.

This event was called “***Super SMASH Bros EXTREME Vengeance Smashdown Tournament!!!***” hosted by The Geekenders (link to event page), a video game tournament and cosplaying (“cosplay” Google it) event.  I’ve never been expose to this sort of gig ever in my life, although I’ve seen people wear costumes on “special occasions”, movie premieres, and during Halloween but nothing like this. I know the gaming industry is huge … but this is very niche. A lot of people actually attend, pay, … and have fun. I was confused at first … and felt awkward. I didn’t know what the heck was I supposed to do. But after watching a few lighthearted banter between the hosts and this woman twerking on all fours in her underwear … and balloons zipping about … I was LOLing in no time. Young adults watching gamers battle it out on the big screen … people cheering, wow … that’s some energy. And I’m like “this is fun”, a little bit fresh for me but entertaining.

It’s like, no matter what you’re into … Vancouver got your gig covered. And it’s nice to see some diversity when it comes to entertainment. And these folks take this thing seriously. That old adage “a child at play is a child at work” … well buster, so are adults. So … game on!

Right, back to the men in their underwear. Well, it was the final round. And two contenders where battling it out. And to test their focus and skill … the hosts and burlesque performers (yes, I didn’t mistype that) … made all sorts of distractions. Like letting a balloon deflate in the air … it was the funniest thing to watch as it zips everywhere LOL, exploding confetti, twerking on all fours in her underwear, trying to feed them popcorn, … and as if it wasn’t enough the hosts (both grown men) dropped trou and poke (pun intended) fun at them … and as if it wasn’t enough, one of the host stuck a can in his underwear and used the long protrusion as a sight blocking device. Why aren’t video gaming like this? I DEMAND an explanation! LOL

Anyway, the gamers demonstrated they have the discipline and skill. And they were victorious … well, one was.

Good night!


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