CIA on Twitter

At 10:49AM today (June 6, 2014) the CIA (yes The CIA) joined Twitter. Of course, they got verified immediately … suck up bitches! CIA posted their first tweet, in true deny fashion…

@CIA : We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.

I’m sure conspiracy theory fanatics’ minds are running amok at this moment. Why is the CIA doing this? Public relations? Spy on people? Make friends with Kim Kardshian (which don’t make any sense because she’s married now)? It doesn’t really make any sense since they can just demand the data directly from Twitter or through the NSA. Or are they just going to park their account? But they could always tell Twitter not to give out US Government agency names to anyone. Whatever it is … this strategy is shrouded with a lot of mystery. It’s very mysterious.

Take THAT Facebook! *stick up one finger*

Now … I’m gonna break my “Never ask anyone to follow” rule and ask the @CIA to follow me. This is historic! Epic! Bitch … its not just a big deal … it’s HUGE! Yes, I am … in fact .. #fangirling.

Thanks to @npralltech for breaking the news.


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