Joan-E and Valynne Vile @ 1181

A couple of Sundays ago I attended “Joan-E Show” at 1181 Bar and Lounge on Davie. It was a special night, Joan-E, Vancouver’s seasoned drag queen and songbird,  was celebrating her %$# birthday. Fellow drag queen and Vancouver’s reigning Miss Cobalt Valynne Vile was guest performer of the night.

Now, I’ve seen Joan-E lip sync and sang before at The Junction, but that night was different. Yes, she may have had one… or four drinks prior and during her performances,  BUT I thought it added to the magic. She sang, yes… live… no lip syncing. The queen can belt it out. Her outfits were gorgeous. She  alternated a couple of solo performances with Valynne Vile, then a third solo before doing a cooky and fun number with Miss Vile.
I don’t exactly remember what the songs where because they where classical songs (60s?) and I had a little bit to drink lol. However, I do remember the intensity of her performances especially the last number. It was so intense it will make you wanna get up on your feet and do cartwheels. Yah.

And Valynne Vile was just as intense. Her first number was LOL uhmazing! She was this woman seeking retribution from an ex-lover by inflicting pain using a voodoo doll and pins stuck on her headpiece. Her facial expressions were everything. Her follow-up number was also intense.

It would’ve been great if I was able to recall the title of the songs … but I tell you this, they where worth recording on video. Unfortunately, nobody was recoding any videos. Only still photography. Even the shots I took was hard to take since 1181 is a very narrow place. I was even quite surprised they managed to install a small stage.

It was a great night. I ran into a handful of drag queens who were out of drag.I also ran into Rob Goddard,  who was in town for a short vacation from Oz. It’s always nice to see him in person. It’s really interesting to see queens out of drag. So rough. lol. I surely enjoyed the kiki and insider stories. These gurls are real people.

Joan-E Show” is definitely worth checking out. It’s on Sundays at 1181.


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