Swiftkey Did Something Right!

I’ve been using SwiftKey Android app for a while now. Back then, it was mostly good except for a major inconvenience with their “predictive typing” where the default ENTER key action was an emoji text. It was so frustrating to use when you wanted to enter a new line and what you get are smiley faces. You’d have to backspace so many times to correct it. And to make matters worse, the backspace is located just above the Enter key… so you’ll end up with more smiley faces. The fastest way to get rid of it was to start all over! The design was nothing less than stupid. Why would they assume that users use emoticons more than the Enter key? The Enter key is a very basic and heavily used keyboard function… there’s a REASON why it’s there… idiots! So if you want a new line, you’ll have to long press the damn key.

Swiftkey was making all sorts of excuses… like blaming it on the apps adaptive design based on what app was using it. Yah, try again. That’s a fail.

After much user uproar… they finally came to their senses (and hopefully fired the one responsible) and redesigned the Enter button. Now, with version,  users have the option to enable “Enter key” where a long press is needed to access the emoji. AS IT SHOULD’VE BEEN IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I only stuck with this app, because… believe it or not… there’s nothing better. Patience paid off. No more lost productivity!


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There comes a time when u’ve suffered for so long using an app that when the fucking developer finally does something right… all you could do is… wipe ur goddam tears. ‪#‎endScene‬ ‪#‎Oscars

RT @bluebay700 : @SwiftKey X v5.0.1.77. OMG! “Enter key” long press for emoji. I can’t believe it! Pls. Don’t. I can’t. Shocking. Thank u, u SOB!  At LAST!

Now I have to unlearn pressing the Enter key too long to insert a new line! I’m no longer afraid of this stupid button anymore. Feels weird when bad things are finally right.

Thanks SwiftKey! ‬


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