SPICE GURLS DRAG Shadow Cast … Fierce!

Fresh from their sold out tour in Texas, The Spice Gurls Drag shadow cast starring Jane Smoker, Jadis Vanity, Lady Jem, Celestial Season, and Laura Vanity did another spectacular performance at The Rio Theatre in Vancouver. It’s a very neat idea where the audience watch the “Spice World” (1997) movie and in select musical scenes the drag shadow cast comes on stage and performs live … in a way re-enacting the performance. It’s amazing! The event was hosted by Peter Breeze and Corinne Lea.


Ok, truth be told I’m not a very huge Spice Girls fan. I know of them and I do like some of their songs … and I have sung “Viva Forever” in the shower with matching Hawaiian dance moves lmao (cough), please, wipe off that image from your head (pause) (sighs) … but I normally don’t go #fangirling whenever their music is playing. I still find this kind of fan reaction puzzling. Which is weird because I do it all the time when I meet RuPaul’s Drag Race cast members! :) Anyway, Jem invited me last year … LOL, sorry Jem… but I didn’t make it for so many reasons. (pause) I was in labor. :) So to make amends, this time I made it my mission to be there and show support! Like I always say … “Gotta help a hoe make some money!” Oh, and I got a new Mirrorless camera, no more point-and-shoot! Sure, this will be my second event at testing this gadget … but hey … could be worse. Better late than nevah! So after a little bit of snafu at the entrance – I mean it has been so long Jem forgot who I was LOL seriously she did … that bitch jaykay, I managed to meet her, apologized, and get my gear ready! But enough about me.


It was great to witness some of their pre-show rituals! I can actually feel the rush in the dressing room. Well, they were all calm I was the one nervous for them. It was funny… Peter Breeze kept saying “gurls you have five minutes” … and they’d be like still fixing their mug and stuff. Yes, there was drama. The curtain was drawn but the music didn’t play. And they were like, up there all posed and ready to kill it. Peter Breeze saved the day!

New Experience

They each did a great job at “shadow casting?” (impersonating) their Spice persona. I actually enjoyed a lot watching them perform while the scene with real Spice Girls performing was playing in the background. The audience loved it! I had goosebumps.

There was Spice Girls chanting, which I didn’t get but was amused. And there was an audience best Spice Girls dress-up contest … that was fun. It was a great show! And I’m glad I finally showed up!

Well done! Well done! And congratulations to the cast and organizers … and Jem. See? If I did this last year there would be no article AND I’d be using a sloppy camera. BTW, most of my shots of you were kinda blurry. Oopsie! Next year then? :)

Check out the event photos.



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